Monday, 28 September 2015

Multitasking an important weapon for all mothers

Hi friends!  Its been a very long time since I chatted with you guys. Today lets discuss how multitasking is an important weapon for all the mothers across the world. Is true mother is the messenger of God.. She somehow has to manage home, children, work, relations, and culture. 

How to achieve the impossible of managing too many tasks by all the mothers?

  • Preplanning and management of time is crucial for multitasking. Without them you cannot manage to achieve the goal.
  • Always prioritise your functions of work. You are not a superwoman to do 100 things at a given time frame. So set your priorties and keep the remaining for the next time.
  • Giving time to children and spouse is equally important. So dont neglect them at all. They are your family and even stress busters. So maintain good relations with them.
  • Identify your agenda of work in advance.Dont keep it for last minute then you cannot plan and execute.
  • Relaxation is equally important. You are not a set machine, but a human being so in between breaks or short naps is equally important.
  • While doing so much work, we mothers, tend to forget ourself. We forget to take care of ourself, dont do that taking care of oneself is also of utmost importance.
  • Watch a movie, or a nice program with your family or go for picnics and outings whenever you can. It will not only destress you but also help you connect better with your spouse and children.
Happy parenting and have a good time!!!!

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Make kids play to learn in quick ways

Hi friends. Sorry guys I couldnt write to you last week. I promise to keep updating blogs regularly. Today we will talk about interesting ways in which we can make kids play and learn in quick ways. I get very perturbed to see parents sending  pre primary students to tuitionsand classes at such a young age. There is no such urgent need to send kids to classes. Whatever they learn at home with their parents is the best. Remember parents can lay the foundation much better with their kids than no one else. So please avoid the herd mentality and stop pressuring your kids too much.

Lets jott down important points

  • Please restrict watching TV shows to the bare minimum for kids. The more they watch, the more they get distracted when they sit to study.
  • Teach concept of alphabets, numbers with clay, dough. Kids love to explore.
  • Try renting out blocks of alphabets, numbers from  toy library and make children feel how abcs, and 123s look in real.
  • Improve visualisation of kids, by making them draw pictures and allowing them to colour.
  • Dont force them to sit and study. I teach my daughter poems when she is bathing, or getting dressed for school. Even rickshaw time is utilised well when I take up her poem lessons.
  • Try to allow them to feel different types of paper, shapes, blocks, puzzles so that their motor skills improve.
  • No point of pressurising kids so much. They will learn with time.
  • Writing gets a bit difficult with small tiny toddlers. But with regular habit and enough of patience kids master it well.
  • Teach concept of vegetables, fruits and stuff by making them feel it in reality. Allow them to come along with you while going to market or supermarket mall.
  • Every moment you can educate your child.
Enjoy parenting and have a great time!!!!!

Thursday, 20 August 2015

How to time manage things and get optimum success

Hi friends. Hope you folks are doing fine. Today lets talk on interesting and essential topic on how to time manage things and get optimum success.

  • First things always should come first and not last. We parents have lots of work assigned to us. But rather than being jack of all trades, try to prioritize the work according to its importance. 
  • Dont try to do all work at one Go. Rome wasnt built in one day. 
  • Always try to give space and time to your children. They need you the most.
  • If you are getting hyper due to stress, please try to spend some time alone or aloof. Else all the anger and frustration will start bursting on your children.
  • Spend time for yourself. A nice morning walk, or yoga can be certainly refreshing and energetic for your life.
  • Dont try to skip meals due to lack of time. There is never lack of any time. Always preplan before itself so that you dont turn out to be hungry for long gaps due to overburden of household or office work.
  • If parents are healthy, only then will the kids be healthy.
  • Always celebrate occassions so that it offers you the escapist route to break away from routine and boredom.
  • Take good care of yourself and pamper yourself once in a while so that you feel rejuvenated and splendid.
Enjoy parenting and have a great time!!!!

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Playing with puzzles improves toddler's concentration skills

Hi friends! Today we are going to talk about puzzles that helps to improve your toddler's concentration skills. We all know how far its important to focus and concentrate in our lives. You can inculcate habit of concentration quite early in your kid's life by exposing him to puzzles at young age.

  • Toddlers tend to divert within few moments. They generally packed with lot of energy and activity. So its normally very difficult to get them sit at one place and play.
  • Puzzles and activities that require motor skills and eye movements help toddlers to concentrate and accomplish the task.
  • Its always better to start giving small-small activities and help your child think and act accordingly.
  • So go google and search most colourful puzzles and start off with easy ones first.
  • Slowly and steadily, you can increase the difficulty level.
  • You can even become a memeber of any toy library and get rented out puzzles, toys, abacus and various interesting stuff from them at a very reasonable price like me. As with the help of toy library, you can provide more variety and colors for your children to play.

Enjoy parenting and have a great time!!!!

Monday, 17 August 2015

How to get rid of your child's habit of sucking thumb

Hi friends. I am very sorry I couldnt write to you guys. I was a bit unwell the entire last week. Today we will talk of an interesting topic as to how to get rid of your child's habit of sucking thumb.

I know, its a bit embarrassing when elder toddlers aged more than 5 years have a habit of sucking thumb. See parents, you need not worry so much if the toddlers aged between 1 and 5 are having this problem. Dont worry, time is the biggest healer and it will get forgotten.

Lets jott down some of the important points that as parents we should know.

  • Firstly, dont scold your child in front of others due to their sucking thumb habit.

  • Try to find out the reason for sucking thumb. Is it sheer pleasure, or comfort, or relaxation that generally make kids drawn towards this habit? Also, some kids suck the thumb to relieve themselves from stress and fear.
  • As parents, its our moral responsibility to give them secure environment to feel comfortable and happy.
  • Try to create games and gifts revolving the sucking thumb habit. Whenever your child doesnt suck his thumb, pamper him with small gifts. Let your child himself mark the days when he has not sucked his thumb.
  • Some kids, suck their thumb to go to sleep. Try to switch gears, and change the pattern of sleep. Teach him interesting stories during bed time and ensure that he falls asleep without sucking his thumb. Initially it might be difficult but with growing time, things will turn out better.
  • Develop friendhip with your children so that they can concide in you for whatever problems they face, in school, classes, or friends.
Enjoy parenting and have a great time!!!

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Games is an extension of creativity for kids

Hi friends. How are you. I was a bit down with fever so couldnt write to you guys. Today lets talk how games improves creativity in kids. I am not talking about video games, or smart phones, but simple indoor games like chess, carom board, treasure hunt, pin the tail on the donkey, etc.

  • Indoor games comparatively are less exciting than outdoor games, but they definitely are useful in stimulating the brains and improving creativity.
  • It rebuilds the bonding with family and friends as altogether can play and participate.
  • Indoor games are no longer just restricted to the four walls of the house. Now we have champions winning tournaments in chess and carom across the globe.
  • Always encourage kids to play. Dont impose too much restrictions on them.
  • The more the kids use their intelligence, IQ to play games, its more better for them.
  • Games improve concentration spell.
  • A healthy mix of outdoor and indoor game activity is ideal for kids that will  give a great combination of physical fitness and mental alertness.
Enjoy parenting and have a great time!!!!

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Why do kids love to say NO

  • Hi friends? Whats up? Now today we will talk why do kids love to say No. Toddlers of age between 2-3 years, suddenly realize the power of the word No and keep using it endlessly. They often argue with their mommies and assert their positions. Its not always good to keep having conflicts all day.
  • Remember we parents tend to often say No all the time to our kids. Dont do this, dont do that. I havent permitted you to play in your new dress. You havent finished your homework yet, and so on and so forth.
  • Try to rephrase sentences and be more positive in your talks. Dont yell too much and even manage your tone too.
  • Kids generally come to know whether you are angry or not, with your facial expressions and tone of your voice. Try to  maintain a soft and firm tone.
  • Divert your toddler if he is acting too fussy and stubborn. Sometimes its better to give in and try something else to avoid any clash or quarrel.
  • So Say No to NO and Say Yes to YES

Enjoy parenting and have a great time!!!

Saturday, 8 August 2015

New educational video on Life cycle

Hi friends, check out new video on Life cycles that helps you to teach toddlers the various lifecycles of a plant, frog, butterfly, rat, chicken and water cycle. Hope you like the video.

Friday, 7 August 2015

Initiation is key for a healthy relation with your child

Hi friends! How are you doing? Today we are going to talk on how initiation is the key towards healthy relationship with your children. Parents are often busy either managing their job, or managing their home. So, its often very difficult or rather next to impossible to manage kidos studies and project. Then there is unhapiness all around home, isnt it? Your children are unhappy as you dont give them essential time and you are depressed that you are not a super woman to manage so many things at one go. So what should one do?

  • Daily keep a tab on your child's classwork, homework.
  • Pin up all the school notices at an important corner of the house.
  • If your child requires your help to make any project, work towards it in advance. Dont wait for last minute. I normally, start preparing the stuff atleast two weeks or one week prior to the deadline.
  • Time management is the key.
  • As parents, you dont have to be super heroes but you just have to sort out work and give priorities.
  • Dont neglect your child's work. It creates a wrong impression on your kid as well as the school teachers.
  • If you work last minute to help your child, the output often doesnt come too well.
  • If you put your brains and heart together for your child, in advance, things often takes a very creative turn.
  • Learn and grow with your child.

Enjoy parenting and have a great time!!!!

Thursday, 6 August 2015

New video- Preschool learning, write capital alphabets

Hi friends,

Please check out my new video on preschool learning, write capital alphabets in a very simple and easy manner. Hope you like it. Please let me know your valuable feedback.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

New video- Problem Solving for kids

Hi friends,

Today please check out new video on concept of problem solving. The game has a pack of 10 examples that has a problem and a concrete solution for the problem. This exercise helps to inculcate the idea of problem and solving the problem. Hope you enjoy the video.

New video- Junk food and Healthy food

Hi friends! There is a constant struggle between junk food and healthy food. You can easily teach the concept of junk and healthy food with this unique game.

Please give your valuable feedback.

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Recipe- Rava Cake (Instant and very easy)

Hi friends! How are you. Happy friendship day to all my friends. Now on occasion of friendship day, I made easy rava cake for my daughter. Its simple, eggless and requires ingredients thats available always at home. You can make it whenever you have unexpected guests at home, or when you want to give a surprise to your family.

Thin Rava- 2 cups
Curd- 1/2 cup
Oil- 1/2 cup
Sugar - 11/4 cup
Tooti frooti- 1 to 2 tsp
Baking soda- 1/2 tsp
Baking powder- 11/4 tsp
Salt- A pinch
Milk to prepare batter

Mix rava, curd, oil, sugar and milk, oil and keep it aside for 15 minutes. Then add salt, tooti frooti, baking soda, baking powder and keep it ready. Grease baking pan with oil  and pour cake batter on it. Pre heat microwave convection mode per 180c for 30 to 35 minutes.

I made the cake in cooker as I dont have oven or microwave. You need to preheat cooker bottom for ten minutes. Then place the roti steel stand on it. And then the cake mould, cover it. Then close the cooker top without whistle and rubber and cook for 35 mins. Pierce the knife and see if its cooked properly.

Friday, 31 July 2015

Recipe- Sweet Tangy Gujarati Kadhi

Hi friends!  Today I am going to teach a simple recipe thats very enticing for the toddler's tastebuds. Its made of curd, its very nutritious and healthy.

Chickpea flour
Coriander powder
Ginger garlic paste
Slit green chilly
Salt to taste


Take one cup of curd and put in it one glass of water and blend it well. Then add 2 spoons of chickpea flour and mix well so that there are no lumps, add half teaspoon of ginger green chilli paste.

Add dry spices, thats coriander powder, turmeric powder and salt.

Normally people use sour curd. But in my recipe I have used fresh curd. No need of sour curd.

Now Take a pan, apply oil, now add cumin seeds,asafoetida, full coriander, fenugreek seeds, slit green chilly one, and mustard seeds. Add curry leaves. Allow it to splutter. Now pour the curd mixture and allow it to cook well on low flame. Add 2 tsp of sugar.

Your gujarati kadhi is ready to serve. You can serve with hot steam rice or flatbread.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Open toddler's minds

Hi friends! Its been long since I wrote in my blog. I was a bit tied up taking care of my daughter. Today, lets talk about how to open toddler's minds towards academics and other interesting things.

  • Always remember children love to play and dont really enjoy to study. So the more you nag or force upon them, the more they will show their irritation.
  • Try to make them study while they play. Its not necessary that small children should sit and concentrate at one place. While they are busy playing, you can teach them alphabets, numbers, poems and so many stuff.
  • Children love colorful picture books. So you can buy them online and make kiddos learn important animals, birds, fruits, vegetables, etc.
  • Try buying real good activity books that are loaded with puzzles, matching alphabets, numbers, writing and so on and so forth. Yesterday my daughter enjoyed making dress of a tortoise by writing small alphabets on them. That was an interesting activity book exercise.
  • So, this way you can open your kiddos mind towards study in an interesting way.
  • Children love to learn new things, but boring red and blue line notebook doesnt interest them. You can even get writing books that have the same red blue lines, but they look attractive. 
  • Try various books for children's study and allow them to explore their min

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Top Ten Healthy foods that Boost energy in kids

Hi friends, Hope you guys are doing well. Today lets talk of top ten healthy foods that boost energy in kids. Time and again we see that children tend to feel tired or fatigued. So why not serve them healthy and energy boosting snacks.

  • Almonds- Almonds contains magnesium and B vitamins that help convert food into energy. We find children often who have deficiency of magnesium and Bvitamins get bogged down fast, irritability and even feel lack of concentration. So almonds are super kings in snacks.
  • Bananas- Bananas are filled with Bvitamins, potassium and fibre. They taste yummy when you mix them with milk or yogurt and make healthy drink.
  • Oatmeal- Oatmeal are high fibre content that tastes yummy when cooked in milk and fruits. You can also make mouthwatering steamed rava oats idli with it. Keeps kid's stomach full and packed with energy.
  • Pistachios- Pistachios have a great combination of fiber, protein and monosaturated fat thats tasty and adds a great flavour to your tastebuds.
  • Fruit Smoothies- Prepare protein rich, fiber rich fruit smoothies that will instantly give power and energy to your kids.
  • Apples- Fiber rich apples are disease fighting powerhouses. Add apples in milk, smoothies, or juice or simply devour an apple. Its the best fruit. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
  • Yogurt- Yogurt has high concentration of potassium, calcium and vitamin D. They also aid digestion.
  • Cheese- Say cheese. Cheese is a great source of protein. So go cheesy in kids' sandwiches and toasts. Or simply offer cheese slice to them.
  • Go berry- All kinds of berries are high source of energy and fiber.
  • Fish- Fish definitely adds its midas touch of omega-3. So try to add fish in kid's diet.
Enjoy parenting and have a great time!!!!

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Stress among children

Hi friends! How is your day. Lets today talk of stress among children. Its a myth that elders often get stressed out but not children. Its absolutely wrong. Kids too get tired and fatigued. Lets find out what are the factors that lead to tiredness in children.

  • Lack of sleep
  • Medications
  • Stressful activities. If the kids have stressed out work schedules then they tend to feel worked up. Nowadays parents along with school send children for various activity classes like phonics, dance classes, singing classes, etc. But please parents remember dont stress your kids too much. Try to gauge your kid's stamina and schedule. Rome wasnt built in a day.So, dont expect your children to turn out super talent stars within short period of time.
  • Bad food diet. Nowadays, children tend to prefer junk food over healthy food. So they are deficient in iron, vitamins and calcium. Regular balanced diet is the need of the hour.
  • Lack of physical exercise- Today children are more glued to video games, laptops as compared to spending time in parks, and other various outdoor activities.
  • Prolonged Illness 
  • So, please parents try to be kind to your little toddlers and let them flow with time in a stress free environment. Dont pack too much in their schedules. They have enough time in their hand to learn new stuff.
Enjoy parenting and have a great time!!!

Monday, 20 July 2015

How to divert a hyperactive toddler and keep her engaging

Hi friends! Thanks for liking my articles and recipes. Today we will talk of ways and means by which we can divert a hyperactive toddlers. Remember that kids who are hyperactive and mischievious, they have too much energy in stored in them. So you as parents, try your best to utilize their energies in the right manner.

  • Often hyperactive toddlers want to play or learn new things. You can ask them to do role play of their teachers at home and teach.
  • You can engage them in innovate kitchen cooking as well. Chop cucumber, tomatoes, corn, lettuce and ask them to prepare a salad. You can act as the chef's assistant and add salt, pepper and lime. 
  • Kids love to play supermarket with their parents. So get their stuff aligned and pretend to be their customer.
  • Dont encourage watching TV/ laptops or playing video games to keep them engaged. Its not good for their eyes and brains.
  • You can take your kids to grocery shopping and engage them. Children love to explore supermarket counters and feel delighted to see so many things under one roof.
  • I always, like to invest my money and time in getting good knowledgable books online. You can get lovely activity books for preschool toddlers., Amazon,, have great collection of books. Colorful, tempting activity books will brighten your kid's IQ and aptitude. 
  • If your child isnt interested to study, then take him for some regular outings, parks for some fun time.
Enjoy parenting and have a great time!!!!

Sunday, 19 July 2015

New video- Easy and QuickPuzzles for Kids

Hi friends. Please check my new video on Easy and quick puzzles for kids thats attractive and very simple to execute.
Hope you enjoy the video!!!!

Recipe coconut ladoo yummy sweet dish for kids

Hi friends let's learn how to make instant coconut ladoo for kids. It's simple and gets made in less than 10 minutes.

Desicated coconut - 4 cups
Sugar powder- 3 cups
Cardamom powder
Fresh milk cream cold


Mix desicated coconut and sugar powder nicely. Add cardamom powder and add cold fresh milk cream. Now make round shaped ladoos. It's ready to serve. Enjoy parenting and have a great time.

Friday, 17 July 2015

New video- Maze of Numbers

Hi friends!!! Watch my new video on maze of numbers. A lovely game that helps toddlers count numbers and arrange the beads accordingly. You can even ask them to arrange the numbers creatively. Very engaging and innovative!!

Enjoy the video and happy parenting!!!

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

New video- Toddler making puzzles

Hi friends!!! Watch the new video where my daughter is teaching how to make puzzles of fruits, insects and birds. Its creative and very engaging. Hope you like the video!!

Enjoy parenting and have a great time!!!

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Role play is an important tool to teach toddlers

Hi friends! Lets talk today of importance of role play in teaching toddlers. Remember all kids love to enact and pretend to be a bumble bee, a dinosaur or even a teacher. They love to copy someone's actions and behaviour. So hy, not encourage and make them learn new things in the most easiest way possible.

  • Role play, stage play or simple act can explain tough concepts of stories, fairy tales easily to children. My daughter understood why Ganpati is elephant headed, because of her school's annual day play on Lord Ganesha.
  • Innovative and creative ideas improve a child's power of imagination and helps him nurture his developmental skills.
  • So, as parents allow your kids to do role play at home too, as teachers, mother or anything they would like to be.
  • Fancy dress, costume party or for that matter even poems help kids to get into the character of the particular animal/bird or even a personality that they are trying to portray. 
  • Now, with action, the kids also need to memorise few lines of description. That really improves their memory power, confidence and orientation skills.
  • Just boring studies is not only a method to study. Encourage your children to participate in extra curricular activities at preschool/primary and secondary schools to keep them interested in varieties of things.
  • Today's genx need to gear up fast to face the world.So get set and roll.

Enjoy parenting and have a great time!!!

Thursday, 9 July 2015

New video- Shape and Music

Hi friends. Watch out the lovely musical and informative video on Shape and Music. This game will help your toddler to coordinate colours, shapes and even play a piano and enjoy music.

Enjoy parenting and have a great time!!!

Monday, 6 July 2015

Good posture important in children

Hi friends! Today we will discuss how important it is to teach good posture in children. As we are moving towards globalisation, the usage of information technology has seen a rampant change in the lifestyle of people across the globe. But what is dampening, is that today's children are getting more prone to bad postures and habits.

  • Educate the children the importance of good posture. Always sit straight while reading or writing. Dont stoop or bend too much. Dont lie down and do any work.
  • Always lead by your example. As we say practise what you preach. Children will start getting tuned to good posture if the family is conscious about it too.
  • Dont keep nagging the children. Calm down and always praise your children if they start adopting good posture.
  • Invest money in good furnitures that will help your children and give them comfort.
  • Too big a chair or too small one isnt a good thing for your child.
  • Regular exercise is a must for today's young wires.
  • Dont allow the children to lie down and watch Ipad or mobile. Always teach them to sit up straight.
  • If you inculcate good habits of posture from childhood itself, kids wont face much problem as they grow into teenage or adolescence.
Enjoy parenting and have a great time!!!!

Go green in recipes

Hi friends. Today, we will talk of an important topic of go green in your recipes all of you beautiful mommies.

Green vegetables like spinach, fenugreek are high in fiber. Good for the digestive system and tasty as well. Make yummy spinach sandwiches with cheese. Kids won't ask for anything more. Fenugreek paratha are all time favourite cuisine among children.
Salads made of green cucumber, cabbage, lettuce are too healthy and tasty.
Green soups are also a good healthy option.
Green chutneys of coriander, mint add good flavour to your food that kids really enjoy
Always make gourds children's best friend, bottle gourd, snake gourd, ridge gourd and even bitter gourd too.
Eat healthy and stay happy
Let's say once again go green 

Friday, 3 July 2015

New video- Number Train for kids

Hi friends!! How are you doing. We have created a wonderful video, a number train for kids. Its really innovative, where the numbers join each other like a train and helps us to teach kids counting of numbers in an extraordinary style. Please note that the voice thats counts the numbers is none other than my little daughter. Hope u like the video. Enjoy and have a great time!!!!

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

New video- Bead pattern for toddlers

Hi friends! Please check the new video on Bead Pattern for toddlers that will help the kids to know how to match the bead patterns and get a grip on calculations as well.

Enjoy the video!!!!

Regards Geeta

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Too much Technology not good for children

Hi friends! Today we will talk of an essential topic of how technology over exposure is definitely not too good for children. As we are moving on in jet age, the world has truly become a small place to live in. We have been bombarded with latest smart phones, ipads, laptops and computers. There is a new trend coming in where most of the parents, expose their tiny little babies to the small screen from a very tender age. Please stop getting addicted to passive parenting. I agree that with the wave of technology, the household tends to be more tech savvy, but not your children.

  • Babies, toddlers need to spend more time with the nature and its natural surroundings, then get glued to digital media like smartphones, ipads and laptops.
  • We often find young tiny fingers are capable enough at this tender age to move from one screen to next and satisfy his needs.
  • The habit of getting glued to screens, not only will complicate the eye sight problems, but also creates a negative impact on brain circuitury. Brain starts depending on technology for every question.
  • Parents, we need to push up our sleeves and be more responsible in avoiding such a mishap.
  • Stop giving a free hand to your children with technology. Research studies reveal that on an average today's children are exposed to 6 hours per day on the small screen.
  • I agree, children tend to be more restricted and controlled when they watch laptops, ipads but thats what we dont want. Recollect how your own parents used to bring you up as a child.
  • Nowadays, crayons and paint brush have given way to doodle colouring games. Playground games are replaced by video games.
  • I dont know where we are heading to? Stop being a part of this maddening technology race and become more real.
  • Love your children and please love their health too. So dont get into all this technology shift for your children.

Enjoy parenting and have a great time!!!!

Sunday, 28 June 2015

How to solve Potty Withholding problems in toddlers

Hi friends? How have you been? Hope you are all doing fine. Today we will talk of an essential topic on how to get rid of potty withholding problems in toddlers.

  • Toddlers have razor sharp memory and if they have gone through a terrible painful potty time, its difficult for them to forget it. So they tend to dread the pain again, and avoid to pass stools and withhold it till the time its possible.
  • The toddler age group is also very creative and loves to play around. They tend to ignore nature calls and sometimes hold their poop so that they get more time to play.
  • How to get rid of this problem? You have to work hard with your child to achieve it.
  • Remember its not that easy to get mood swinging sensitive toddlers back to the regular potty routine. Its best to offer small portions of veggies and fruits, high fibre rich food through the day.
  • Encourage your children to have lots of water and fluids.
  • Build up stories of their favourite cartoons like Winnie the Pooh, Panda or Cinderalla using potty pots to relieve themselves. There is also nice youtube videos thats cute and adorable for toddlers to see. Potty song- Panda version is lovely. Here is the link.
  • The following link on using the potty chair is also interesting.
  • Try different stories and poems to get the toddlers attention back to doing potty.
  • Consult peadetrician if you feel, your child is constipated.
  • Avoid fat rich foods for two weeks atleast. And try giving a lot of clear soups and juices.
  • The moment, your child experiences soft bowel movements, within no time he/she will get back to normal potty sessions.
  • Patience is the key, rest all will fall in place.

So keep working patiently towards your target. Enjoy parenting and have a great time!!!

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Vegetables and fruits indeed beneficial for children.

Hi friends! How are you guys doing? Today I am going to talk on why vegetables and fruits indeed beneficial for children. We all know vegetables and fruits are healthy. But lets try to understand the real benefits.

  • Growing bodies of children require good nutrition and fruits, vegetables contain vitamins, minerals that helps to increase metabolism and stay healthy.
  • Eating a portion of fruits and veggies add colour and texture in the food plate, making eating food interesting. 
  • Fruits and vegetables are high in fiber, but low in fat and calories. So the risk of obesity gets reduced tremendously.
  • Constipation in kids can be resolved quickly with high fiber foods like prunes, pears, plums, brocoli and peas.
  • Academically the children are able to concentrate better and do well, if they regularly have good portion of fruits and vegetables.
  • So stay healthy and let your children get the best nutrition possible
Enjoy parenting and have a great time!!!

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

How to tackle fussy eaters

Hi friends! How are you? Today we are going to talk about how to tackle fussy eaters. Remember, as parents there is no point of becoming hyper or over panicky about seeing your child not having his course of meal. Stop screaming and yelling at him. That really creates a wrong impression and makes children further stubborn to eating.

  • Always make a home rule, to have dinners together as a family, not individually at all. That makes children accustomed to eating as well.
  • Offer healthy nutritious foods to your children and if they refuse, try presenting them in a nice creative manner. You can even weave a nice story about how carrots are so important to your teddy bunny, so why dont you also try some. 
  • Always serve your child's favourite food at last. After he or she finishes the healthy course of meal.
  • Dont give junk food if your child refuses to have his meal. Junk food is not healthy and good in the long term. It will in a way make your child leave healthy food forever. 
  • You always can make inviting smoothies, yogurts, fruit salads mixed with jelly and somehow make them enticing for your children to consume.
  • Taste buds of children keep changing, so try and find out what he or see likes. Never give up.
  • Sometimes, whatever you may try, your child will refuse to have food. So stop nagging him and leave it. Whenever he will feel hungry, he will have something. He wont starve. 
  • If solids are a strict no- no, then offer yummy liquids and squashes or smoothies.
  • Its all a phase that often a toddler goes through. Sometimes, there is no point in trying millions of dishes in the kitchen, just so that your child eats something.
  • Try and innovate in a small way. No need to take too much pains. If my daughter refuses to eat, I normally serve her something sweet , like milkshakes, or kheers thats filling and yummy.
  • You can include your child in assisting you while making food, if he is a bit older. Then he might get inquisitive about food and end up eating pretty well.
  • Interactive knowledge games about food will educate your child further.
  • All the best and good luck. There is always a silver lining behind the dark clouds. 

Enjoy parenting and have a great time!!!!

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Bored of rains, try innovative indoor games to make children happy

Hi friends, how is it going? Today I will talk of an interesting topic of how to combat boredom during rainy season. Children are forced to stay indoors due to rains, so why not think of few games that are really innovative and pleasant.

  • Make a tent. Gather bedsheets, blankets and cover chairs and tables with them. Your tent is ready. You can even arrange 2-3 umbrellas together and create a house for your children. Now, ask your children to carry their favourite pet toys, snacks and cushions inside the tent. Its really fun and entertaining for both children as well as you, isnt it
  • Ask your kid to get all the story books and arrange it together like a library. Then you can narrate stories to your child as per his demand over a nice cup of hot tea or soup.
  • Allow your kids to go a bit messy. Let them turn as small master chefs. Give them flour and other essentials to bake or create interesting stuff. I give my daughter wheat flour dough to play. She then uses dough cutters to create lovely shapes or make unique items.
  • Play doh is also a nice method for the kids to enjoy and create, both at the same time.
  • Drawing books and crayons are relaxing for young toddlers to play with.
  • You can make your children explore the art of tracing by using butterpaper, tracing paper and teach them how to trace any object on paper.
  • Guide the children to make their own instruments. 
  • Treasure hunt. Make chits and hide them in unique places at home. Now ask your kid to search them. 
  • Touch and feel box. Pick up any shoe box and create a hole so that your child can place his hand inside the box. Now hide different things inside the box one by one and make the kids use their sensory power to guess the object.
  • Create paintings with use of toothbrush, threads and various other household items.
  • Enjoy the rains and make your children go ballistic with ideas and creativity. Let them flow with great energy and enthusiasm.

Enjoy parenting and have a great time

Monday, 22 June 2015

Crispy Toast for Kids

Hi friends. Today lets learn to create crispy toasts for kids. Its simple, and very appetising and best to eat during rainy season.

Bread slices (cut in triangular shapes or rectangle)
Boiled potatoes
Coriander leaves
Chaat masala (or Dry mango powder)
Chilli powder
Salt to taste
Tomato ketchup
Green chutney
Chickpea flour

Smash boiled potatoes really well when they are still warm. Then add salt, sprinkle some chaat masala or dry mango powder, cut coriander leaves and add it to give extra flavour and some chilli powder. Your filling is ready.

Now since kids love butter. Take one slice of bread, coat it with butter and green chutney and place the potato mixture on it. You can even add cheese into potato mixture, if your kids really love it. Now place another bread slice on top of it. Press it well.

Now take chickpea flour, add salt, asefotida, carom seeds, chilli powder, coriander powder and add water. Make the batter a bit thick not very watery. Now dip the bread sandwich on this batter and deep fry it. Allow it to fry really well. Remember dont keep the bread dipped in the batter for too long.You have to immediately put them in hot oil, else there are chances of the bread pieces to crack. So keep everything ready at your side and then immediately dip and fry it. 

Your crispy toasts are ready, crispy from outside, soft from inside. 

Celebrate and spread love every day: Be it Father' day, Mother's day or Children's day

Hi friends!!! How are you all doing. Today commercialisation has got its way into everything. Yesterday was father's day, few months back we celebrated mother's day and in coming months we will celebrate children's day. Although its a nice reminder to love our people, but why wait for these days to come by. Go ahead and show your love  to your loved ones.

Children love to get cuddled up by their dad or mom. They treasure time spent with their parents each day and yearn to be loved. 

Instill a feeling of oneness, equality and love in your children since childhood. Make them realise the importance of festivals to celebrate socially with their family and friends.

Dont make children an introvert. Try to make them mingle with friends, relatives, foster cousins and so on and so forth. 

Inculcate  the habit of creativity in your children. Rather than gifting mugs, clothes or other perishable items, teach your children to make their own greeting card, scribble letters. Teach them the value for money, that will help them throughout their life. Dont make them a scape goat of commercialisation.

Enjoy parenting and have a great time!!!!

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Recipe- Bread Pizza for Kids

Hi friends. Bored with daily routine, try something different for your kids. Why not try making bread pizza for them.

Wheat Bread slices
Tomato ketchup
Cheese cube

Cut onions long and tomatoes as well. Then take a pan, put oil, saute onions and tomatoes and allow them to cook well. Then add little bit of turmeric powder, coriander powder, salt, chillies (according to taste) and oregano.

Apply butter on two slices of bread. Then put them on tava, then on one side, put tomato ketchup, tomato onion mixture and grate cheese. Allow it to melt well. Then you can serve as open pizza sandwich.


Friday, 19 June 2015

Learn and grow with your child

Hi friends. A very good morning to all of you. A warm welcome. Today I will talk of an important topic to learn and grow with your child. Remember there is no age limit for studying. I am not stating that get back to books, calculations and so on and so forth right from the word Go.

  • Remember the more you show your interest in taking up children's studies, the more connected you become with your child.
  • Children feel more secured and protected in that environment and try to learn quickly as compared to any tuition class.
  • The other most important aspect is, as you make your child study, you also learn once again. I am not saying that you aren’t aware of the topics and subjects, but basically you again brush up with the basics.
  • Together, as you try to solve a problem, parents as well as children are able to nurture a new method of problem solving.
  • Children tend to get hassled fast these days, due to continuous peer pressure, stress of studies and nags. You can definitely put all these things to rest, by simply spending time with your kids in their homework and day to day study routine.
  • If you cannot afford to give so much time, then at least spend some time with them during weekends. 
  • Try talking with your child and enquire about their school activities. Remember, the more you are cognizant about their routine, the more responsive they will become to share details with you.
  • Many children end up their life by committing suicides,  as they couldnt deal with stress.
  • As parents, its moral duty for us to give a very secure environment for our children. The feeling of oneness, sharing and caring must prevail in our children. The more attached they are with parents; they will be more frank to mention about their schooling or study problems.
Enjoy parenting and have a great time!!!

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Give home made food to toddlers, avoid processed foods.

Hi friends. How are you guys doing. Today I will like to talk about an important topic on importance of homemade food for growing toddlers.

  • If you see, nowadays even branded processed foods are facing complaints about their poor quality control. Recently, Nestle's popular Maggi noodles has been banned by the FSSAI due to presence of lead beyond permissible limits in India.Popular brand Mother Diary milk had some detergents found in one of the packet. Nestle brand Cerelac the no 1 baby food giant had some live beetles inside the pack. 

  • Please avoid using processed foods as far as possible. Homemade foods are best in nutrition and hygiene. Fresh juices have more taste and are rich in vitamins and minerals as compared to canned juices. So buy fresh fruits, vegetables from the market and give the best quality food for your children.
  • Health is truely the real wealth. We are getting too much hampered by environmental pollution, so its better to be safe for our kids than ever.
  • I know, working women face a lot of hassles in preparing everything at home. But believe me, the efforts is worth it. I am also a working woman, but I ensure that I give healthy home food to my daughter.
  • Healthy food is the key towards safe growth in children.
  • Children also get less habituated to outside food and their tantrums are also controllable. One more thing thats helps further, is they themselves get educated of the importance of good food. They start eating vegetables, dal, fruits, salads and various other delicacies that only a mother can prepare for her child.
  • Junk food and instant food are a strict no-no. Nowadays we hear in the news of obesity problem seeping inside children.
  • Why wait, all you mommies lets hold each other's hands and stand against all the processed foods across the globe. Our children require th best so lets serve the best

Enjoy parenting and have a great time!!!

Friday, 12 June 2015

New Video - Magic Block

hi friends please watch new video on magnetic magic block that helps the kids to create a house in easy manner.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Why children love to grow up

Hi friends. How are you'll doing? Today we will talk about why childrenc love to grow up.

Kids try to ape elders whenever possible. Be it trying daddy dear's footwear, holding mom's purse all times or just imitating the way they talk on phone. Young toddlers simply adore to behave like grown ups.

Many times they see that elders scolding them to not perform some actions as they are too small. So naturally they get attracted to growing big sooner than later. 

They see a lot of privileges enjoyed by grown ups that are restricted to small kiddos. So yes surely children want to become big quickly.

Its always funny to hear them talk about how big and tall they and their other stories.

Always remember that you are their idols. So set a good example in front of them. No bad addiction or habits please.

Enjoy this time. Once kids actually grow up, you will miss these moments a lot. Enjoy parenting and have a great time.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Only studying makes jack a dull boy, make him smarter

Hi friends
Today we are going to talk why only concentrating on studies makes kids dull and introvert. Its important to encourage overall development of your child. How let's jott it down

  • Give impetus to extra curricular activities. Gone are days when only studies were important.
  • Today's generation is a socially well connected worldwide. So its important to make your child socially connected to people.
  • Allow your child to create things whatever he wants.
  • If you see, even toppers of today are either a football champion or karate black belt.
  • The traditional streams have widened and have made way for vocational subjects.
  • Encourage your child to enhance his/her extraordinary skills, that will help him to relax and refresh. Whether it be drawing, swimming, karate, football, boxing, singing or dancing. 
  • The more you give space for your own flower to blossom, it will grow in a more natural way. 
  • Kids today, are so stressed with overload of studies, they have no time to breathe. Destress them. Give them a chance to be a bit free and allow them to open up about their wants tooo.
  • I am not saying studies arent important. But along with studies overall child development is important. Dont make them a bookworm, but enthusiastic sensitive and intelligent individuals.
  • In a week you can manage 2-3 days of training for your kid's favourite hobby. That way children will be able to get the benefit of both study as well as creativity.
  • Its time now, to stop being rigid and move on with the world.
Enjoy parenting and have a great time!!!!

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

When going gets tough tough gets going for kids in school

Hi friends. How are you guys doing. Now today I am going to talk on tough times for kids in school with the phrase When going gets tough, tough gets going"

Kids often feel unhappy to go to school when its their first day in school. They tend to cry and create a lot of fuss especially when they are just small little tots. Then children sometimes get scared to go to school as they have had a bad experience or had a fight, scolding too.

Remember parents can only soothe the kids in the best possible way. So, its your moral responsibility to comfort your child. Try to speak to your kid and find out the real reason for not going to school. There are times when they have just normal anxiety in facing the school. That will subside once kids get used to the habit of going to school. But if there is something serious, then you need to put your foot down and check it out. Meet the teachers, principal and get to know the actual reason. 

Dont always scold your children for acting lazy or showing disinterest in going to school. There always could be a hidden reason that justifies their behaviour. Even difficulty in coping up with studies can be one of the valid reasons for their reluctance to go to school. If thats the case, parents need to work more harder and help their children to become stress free and pass through that phase.

Its not easy for kids to cope with growing years. They also have their own issues and problems. So find it out. It could be a language barrier, communication problem or certain nervousness that makes the children uncomfortable.

Encourage your children to be brave and face any situation. Try to be with your child when he needs the most. If there is something really serious then you be beside him/her so that he is rest assured that the problem will subside.

Schooling is an important lesson of life. So the more children enjoy, its better for them. Be sensitive and caring. Your child needs it the most. 

Enjoy parenting and have a great time.


Sunday, 7 June 2015

New video- Capseller and the monkeys story for kids

Hi friends. Please watch new video on Capseller and the Monkeys, the famous story thats been told in a cardboard cut out manner. Enjoy the video and give your valuable feedback.

Enjoy parenting and have a great time!!!

Stuffed brinjal recipe for kids

Hi friends. Hope you are doing fine. Today I want to share a nice yummy recipe of stuffed brinjal. We all know brinjal is nutritious but kids don't really loolike the taste. 

Chickpea flour
Coriander powder
Turmeric powder
Chilli powder as per taste tolerance
Dry mango powder

Wash brinjals and dry it properly. Then slit brinjals into four from one side and keep it ready.

Now take chickpea flour and roast it till aroma comes. Then put all ingredients and mix well along with salt. Now stuff brinjals well and keep. Heat pan put oil, and asetafida, cumin seeds. Then place stuffed brinjals n cook it well till they turn golden brown. I am sure your kids will love the flavour and taste and ask for more. Enjoy parenting and have a great time

New video- My Home Flashcard Puzzle for Kids

Hi friends! I have created a new video on my home flashcard puzzle that has a set of 4 puzzles in it. Its a lovely presentation that helps the kid to understand the concept of kitchen, bedroom, hall and bathroom and the various things that are found in each of the rooms. Enjoy the video!

Happy parenting and have a good time!!!!


Wednesday, 3 June 2015

New video- Action words Flashcard

Hello friends. Watch out my new video on action words. Its a lovey presentation that will help you to teach your toddlers essential action words in a fun way. Enjoy the video and do send in your valuable feedback.

Enjoy parenting and have a great time!!!!

Monday, 1 June 2015

Appreciation is key to kids success

Hi friends hope all is fine with you guys. Everyone likes to get pampered and recognized. So let's today discuss topic on appreciation a key to kid's success.

Avoid being a nagging mother or father. Too much negativity and pessimism is injurious to health. Keep the environment competitive, healthy and positive.

Children learn and adapt better when their parents keep encouraging them.

Whenever your child achieves something, however small it may be, recognize his efforts and praise him. That really will energize his body system and make him prepared to strive for more. More the efforts, better will be his output.

Now, the other thing parents do often is comparison of kids together. Remember no two children are same. Each and every child is unique and has unique abilities. 

Too much pressure and expectations are one of the reasons kids committee suicide.

Parents are the guiding star for young guns of the world.

Give respect, earn respect. You are the live example for your children. Kids keep noticing our behavior and implement them. 

Appreciate your kids and enjoy parenting . have a gr8 time

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Story Telling Essential for Toddlers

Hi friends!!! How are you guys doing!!!! All kids love story telling, don't they?But Why? The reason being they can explore, imagine and create their own visual imagery with the help of a story... Yes, I know we parents get tired to keep on telling stories...Try to maintain a good story time sessions in the noon and night times before they go off to sleep.... The early you start better... Young babies might not understand the language, concept but it helps their brains to open up to new stream of words, vowels and expressions... If you animate the stories,they will enjoy more and more..... 

Get all the lovely fairy tale books that just a click away... Ifyou google you will get top story books online... Always inculcate the habit of reading books, having picture book session early in their childhood... Then they wont get bored or feel tired to study... You can make the story sessions interesting, by acting a bit out if your kids arent feeling too sleepy....

Who touched my rose plant.... Roar.....Roar is the favourite line of my daughter.... I used to ask her to hide herself in a bedsheet... I was her beast, who would yell loudly... Who touched my rose plant...Roar , roar and slowly would touch her and open the bedsheet.. Its fun and entertaining!!!!! Either through expressions, or through flashcards you can make them understand the story forever.... 

As you guys might know I have already created interesting videos on Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks, Golden Eggs, Silly Goats, for the kids to enjoyy...

Your support and feedback is very essential... Please write in to me and help me get to know what do you feel about my blog...

Thanks a lot...

Enjoy parenting and have a great time!!!!

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

New video- VOWELS PHONIC ------ For Toddler Kids

Hi friends... Watch out my new video on vowel phonics... Its interesting,colorful and too simple... The key vowel phonic aeiou is explained in a very easy way with regular essential words that all the kids are aware... Hope you like the video... Any feedback or comment is always a welcome...

Enjoy parenting and have a great time!!!

New Video- Krazy Opposites for Kids....

Hi friends... Look at my new post video on Krazy Opposites... A unique presentation of flashcards that can enable you to teach your toddlers in a better way.... Hope you enjoy the video!!!!!

Enjoy parenting and have a great time!!!!

Sunday, 24 May 2015


Hi friends. Its too tough to please our little prince and princesses. So why not treat them to lovely smiley sandwich and make them feel happy.

How to make potato Smiley's
Its simple and easy
4 medium size Potatoes
Salt to taste 

Boil potatoes well. Cool it and mash it well. Add 3 tsp of cornflour and salt to taste. You can even mix cheese as well but then adjust cornflour accordingly. Make a dough. Make small balls, pat it and give shape of smiley, eyes with pencil and smile with tip of knife.  Keep it in fridge for at least 30 mins.  Then deep fry it. Your smiley is ready.

Now take wheat bread, toast it well keep aside. Make a separate filling for sandwich by cooking onions and tomatoes and mixing all dry masalas like chilli powder, coriander powder n salt. Apply butter on slice of bread, then add the filling, Smiley's and cheese slice. Your sandwich is ready to serve. You can also add lettuce, and mayonise.

Enjoy parenting n have a great time.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

How to keep children away from chocolates!!!!

Hi friends! Today we will talk of an important topic of how to keep your little angels away from chocolates!!! A big huge battle isnt it? What ensues is arguments, lot of crying and what not.....

Everything good in a limitation is always good... Excessis always bad.... Kids tend to crave for chocolates more and more and harm their pearly white teeths... Tooth decay, cavities, tooth pain all start forming in the ugly way...

The practise of giving chocolates to kids starts from parents only...Once kid tastes it, he craves for more and more and his demands start to increase... What do we do?

Build lovely little stories....All kids love stories... Show them realpictures and make them understand...Also tell them worms will form and roll into their stomach if they eat chocolates... Then worms will grow and they will become a football.. Everyone will start making fun of them...

As parents, ensure that the kids keep brushing their teeth after consuming chocolates... Sometimes they even lose interest to have chocolates, due to the habit of brushing...

Stop rewarding kids via chocolates... Chocolates is not a solution for all problems.. You can instead gift some other useful items like compass box, books, clothes etc....

There are times when all off a sudden your closeby aunties, uncles come and pamper your kid with loads of chocolates... You cant stop the world..But you can definitely apply a rule of how much quanitity one is allowed.....

Divert kids attention from chocolates by giving fresh juices, fruits, flavoured yoghurts, homemade sweets or snacks....

Enjoy parenting and have a great chocolaty time!!!!!