Thursday, 25 June 2015

Vegetables and fruits indeed beneficial for children.

Hi friends! How are you guys doing? Today I am going to talk on why vegetables and fruits indeed beneficial for children. We all know vegetables and fruits are healthy. But lets try to understand the real benefits.

  • Growing bodies of children require good nutrition and fruits, vegetables contain vitamins, minerals that helps to increase metabolism and stay healthy.
  • Eating a portion of fruits and veggies add colour and texture in the food plate, making eating food interesting. 
  • Fruits and vegetables are high in fiber, but low in fat and calories. So the risk of obesity gets reduced tremendously.
  • Constipation in kids can be resolved quickly with high fiber foods like prunes, pears, plums, brocoli and peas.
  • Academically the children are able to concentrate better and do well, if they regularly have good portion of fruits and vegetables.
  • So stay healthy and let your children get the best nutrition possible
Enjoy parenting and have a great time!!!

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