Monday, 22 June 2015

Celebrate and spread love every day: Be it Father' day, Mother's day or Children's day

Hi friends!!! How are you all doing. Today commercialisation has got its way into everything. Yesterday was father's day, few months back we celebrated mother's day and in coming months we will celebrate children's day. Although its a nice reminder to love our people, but why wait for these days to come by. Go ahead and show your love  to your loved ones.

Children love to get cuddled up by their dad or mom. They treasure time spent with their parents each day and yearn to be loved. 

Instill a feeling of oneness, equality and love in your children since childhood. Make them realise the importance of festivals to celebrate socially with their family and friends.

Dont make children an introvert. Try to make them mingle with friends, relatives, foster cousins and so on and so forth. 

Inculcate  the habit of creativity in your children. Rather than gifting mugs, clothes or other perishable items, teach your children to make their own greeting card, scribble letters. Teach them the value for money, that will help them throughout their life. Dont make them a scape goat of commercialisation.

Enjoy parenting and have a great time!!!!

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