Wednesday, 24 June 2015

How to tackle fussy eaters

Hi friends! How are you? Today we are going to talk about how to tackle fussy eaters. Remember, as parents there is no point of becoming hyper or over panicky about seeing your child not having his course of meal. Stop screaming and yelling at him. That really creates a wrong impression and makes children further stubborn to eating.

  • Always make a home rule, to have dinners together as a family, not individually at all. That makes children accustomed to eating as well.
  • Offer healthy nutritious foods to your children and if they refuse, try presenting them in a nice creative manner. You can even weave a nice story about how carrots are so important to your teddy bunny, so why dont you also try some. 
  • Always serve your child's favourite food at last. After he or she finishes the healthy course of meal.
  • Dont give junk food if your child refuses to have his meal. Junk food is not healthy and good in the long term. It will in a way make your child leave healthy food forever. 
  • You always can make inviting smoothies, yogurts, fruit salads mixed with jelly and somehow make them enticing for your children to consume.
  • Taste buds of children keep changing, so try and find out what he or see likes. Never give up.
  • Sometimes, whatever you may try, your child will refuse to have food. So stop nagging him and leave it. Whenever he will feel hungry, he will have something. He wont starve. 
  • If solids are a strict no- no, then offer yummy liquids and squashes or smoothies.
  • Its all a phase that often a toddler goes through. Sometimes, there is no point in trying millions of dishes in the kitchen, just so that your child eats something.
  • Try and innovate in a small way. No need to take too much pains. If my daughter refuses to eat, I normally serve her something sweet , like milkshakes, or kheers thats filling and yummy.
  • You can include your child in assisting you while making food, if he is a bit older. Then he might get inquisitive about food and end up eating pretty well.
  • Interactive knowledge games about food will educate your child further.
  • All the best and good luck. There is always a silver lining behind the dark clouds. 

Enjoy parenting and have a great time!!!!

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