Friday, 19 June 2015

Learn and grow with your child

Hi friends. A very good morning to all of you. A warm welcome. Today I will talk of an important topic to learn and grow with your child. Remember there is no age limit for studying. I am not stating that get back to books, calculations and so on and so forth right from the word Go.

  • Remember the more you show your interest in taking up children's studies, the more connected you become with your child.
  • Children feel more secured and protected in that environment and try to learn quickly as compared to any tuition class.
  • The other most important aspect is, as you make your child study, you also learn once again. I am not saying that you aren’t aware of the topics and subjects, but basically you again brush up with the basics.
  • Together, as you try to solve a problem, parents as well as children are able to nurture a new method of problem solving.
  • Children tend to get hassled fast these days, due to continuous peer pressure, stress of studies and nags. You can definitely put all these things to rest, by simply spending time with your kids in their homework and day to day study routine.
  • If you cannot afford to give so much time, then at least spend some time with them during weekends. 
  • Try talking with your child and enquire about their school activities. Remember, the more you are cognizant about their routine, the more responsive they will become to share details with you.
  • Many children end up their life by committing suicides,  as they couldnt deal with stress.
  • As parents, its moral duty for us to give a very secure environment for our children. The feeling of oneness, sharing and caring must prevail in our children. The more attached they are with parents; they will be more frank to mention about their schooling or study problems.
Enjoy parenting and have a great time!!!

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