Tuesday, 9 June 2015

When going gets tough tough gets going for kids in school

Hi friends. How are you guys doing. Now today I am going to talk on tough times for kids in school with the phrase When going gets tough, tough gets going"

Kids often feel unhappy to go to school when its their first day in school. They tend to cry and create a lot of fuss especially when they are just small little tots. Then children sometimes get scared to go to school as they have had a bad experience or had a fight, scolding too.

Remember parents can only soothe the kids in the best possible way. So, its your moral responsibility to comfort your child. Try to speak to your kid and find out the real reason for not going to school. There are times when they have just normal anxiety in facing the school. That will subside once kids get used to the habit of going to school. But if there is something serious, then you need to put your foot down and check it out. Meet the teachers, principal and get to know the actual reason. 

Dont always scold your children for acting lazy or showing disinterest in going to school. There always could be a hidden reason that justifies their behaviour. Even difficulty in coping up with studies can be one of the valid reasons for their reluctance to go to school. If thats the case, parents need to work more harder and help their children to become stress free and pass through that phase.

Its not easy for kids to cope with growing years. They also have their own issues and problems. So find it out. It could be a language barrier, communication problem or certain nervousness that makes the children uncomfortable.

Encourage your children to be brave and face any situation. Try to be with your child when he needs the most. If there is something really serious then you be beside him/her so that he is rest assured that the problem will subside.

Schooling is an important lesson of life. So the more children enjoy, its better for them. Be sensitive and caring. Your child needs it the most. 

Enjoy parenting and have a great time.


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