Thursday, 11 June 2015

Why children love to grow up

Hi friends. How are you'll doing? Today we will talk about why childrenc love to grow up.

Kids try to ape elders whenever possible. Be it trying daddy dear's footwear, holding mom's purse all times or just imitating the way they talk on phone. Young toddlers simply adore to behave like grown ups.

Many times they see that elders scolding them to not perform some actions as they are too small. So naturally they get attracted to growing big sooner than later. 

They see a lot of privileges enjoyed by grown ups that are restricted to small kiddos. So yes surely children want to become big quickly.

Its always funny to hear them talk about how big and tall they and their other stories.

Always remember that you are their idols. So set a good example in front of them. No bad addiction or habits please.

Enjoy this time. Once kids actually grow up, you will miss these moments a lot. Enjoy parenting and have a great time.

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