Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Bored of rains, try innovative indoor games to make children happy

Hi friends, how is it going? Today I will talk of an interesting topic of how to combat boredom during rainy season. Children are forced to stay indoors due to rains, so why not think of few games that are really innovative and pleasant.

  • Make a tent. Gather bedsheets, blankets and cover chairs and tables with them. Your tent is ready. You can even arrange 2-3 umbrellas together and create a house for your children. Now, ask your children to carry their favourite pet toys, snacks and cushions inside the tent. Its really fun and entertaining for both children as well as you, isnt it
  • Ask your kid to get all the story books and arrange it together like a library. Then you can narrate stories to your child as per his demand over a nice cup of hot tea or soup.
  • Allow your kids to go a bit messy. Let them turn as small master chefs. Give them flour and other essentials to bake or create interesting stuff. I give my daughter wheat flour dough to play. She then uses dough cutters to create lovely shapes or make unique items.
  • Play doh is also a nice method for the kids to enjoy and create, both at the same time.
  • Drawing books and crayons are relaxing for young toddlers to play with.
  • You can make your children explore the art of tracing by using butterpaper, tracing paper and teach them how to trace any object on paper.
  • Guide the children to make their own instruments. 
  • Treasure hunt. Make chits and hide them in unique places at home. Now ask your kid to search them. 
  • Touch and feel box. Pick up any shoe box and create a hole so that your child can place his hand inside the box. Now hide different things inside the box one by one and make the kids use their sensory power to guess the object.
  • Create paintings with use of toothbrush, threads and various other household items.
  • Enjoy the rains and make your children go ballistic with ideas and creativity. Let them flow with great energy and enthusiasm.

Enjoy parenting and have a great time

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