Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Give home made food to toddlers, avoid processed foods.

Hi friends. How are you guys doing. Today I will like to talk about an important topic on importance of homemade food for growing toddlers.

  • If you see, nowadays even branded processed foods are facing complaints about their poor quality control. Recently, Nestle's popular Maggi noodles has been banned by the FSSAI due to presence of lead beyond permissible limits in India.Popular brand Mother Diary milk had some detergents found in one of the packet. Nestle brand Cerelac the no 1 baby food giant had some live beetles inside the pack. 

  • Please avoid using processed foods as far as possible. Homemade foods are best in nutrition and hygiene. Fresh juices have more taste and are rich in vitamins and minerals as compared to canned juices. So buy fresh fruits, vegetables from the market and give the best quality food for your children.
  • Health is truely the real wealth. We are getting too much hampered by environmental pollution, so its better to be safe for our kids than ever.
  • I know, working women face a lot of hassles in preparing everything at home. But believe me, the efforts is worth it. I am also a working woman, but I ensure that I give healthy home food to my daughter.
  • Healthy food is the key towards safe growth in children.
  • Children also get less habituated to outside food and their tantrums are also controllable. One more thing thats helps further, is they themselves get educated of the importance of good food. They start eating vegetables, dal, fruits, salads and various other delicacies that only a mother can prepare for her child.
  • Junk food and instant food are a strict no-no. Nowadays we hear in the news of obesity problem seeping inside children.
  • Why wait, all you mommies lets hold each other's hands and stand against all the processed foods across the globe. Our children require th best so lets serve the best

Enjoy parenting and have a great time!!!

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