Monday, 1 June 2015

Appreciation is key to kids success

Hi friends hope all is fine with you guys. Everyone likes to get pampered and recognized. So let's today discuss topic on appreciation a key to kid's success.

Avoid being a nagging mother or father. Too much negativity and pessimism is injurious to health. Keep the environment competitive, healthy and positive.

Children learn and adapt better when their parents keep encouraging them.

Whenever your child achieves something, however small it may be, recognize his efforts and praise him. That really will energize his body system and make him prepared to strive for more. More the efforts, better will be his output.

Now, the other thing parents do often is comparison of kids together. Remember no two children are same. Each and every child is unique and has unique abilities. 

Too much pressure and expectations are one of the reasons kids committee suicide.

Parents are the guiding star for young guns of the world.

Give respect, earn respect. You are the live example for your children. Kids keep noticing our behavior and implement them. 

Appreciate your kids and enjoy parenting . have a gr8 time

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