Thursday, 30 July 2015

Open toddler's minds

Hi friends! Its been long since I wrote in my blog. I was a bit tied up taking care of my daughter. Today, lets talk about how to open toddler's minds towards academics and other interesting things.

  • Always remember children love to play and dont really enjoy to study. So the more you nag or force upon them, the more they will show their irritation.
  • Try to make them study while they play. Its not necessary that small children should sit and concentrate at one place. While they are busy playing, you can teach them alphabets, numbers, poems and so many stuff.
  • Children love colorful picture books. So you can buy them online and make kiddos learn important animals, birds, fruits, vegetables, etc.
  • Try buying real good activity books that are loaded with puzzles, matching alphabets, numbers, writing and so on and so forth. Yesterday my daughter enjoyed making dress of a tortoise by writing small alphabets on them. That was an interesting activity book exercise.
  • So, this way you can open your kiddos mind towards study in an interesting way.
  • Children love to learn new things, but boring red and blue line notebook doesnt interest them. You can even get writing books that have the same red blue lines, but they look attractive. 
  • Try various books for children's study and allow them to explore their min

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