Thursday, 23 July 2015

Top Ten Healthy foods that Boost energy in kids

Hi friends, Hope you guys are doing well. Today lets talk of top ten healthy foods that boost energy in kids. Time and again we see that children tend to feel tired or fatigued. So why not serve them healthy and energy boosting snacks.

  • Almonds- Almonds contains magnesium and B vitamins that help convert food into energy. We find children often who have deficiency of magnesium and Bvitamins get bogged down fast, irritability and even feel lack of concentration. So almonds are super kings in snacks.
  • Bananas- Bananas are filled with Bvitamins, potassium and fibre. They taste yummy when you mix them with milk or yogurt and make healthy drink.
  • Oatmeal- Oatmeal are high fibre content that tastes yummy when cooked in milk and fruits. You can also make mouthwatering steamed rava oats idli with it. Keeps kid's stomach full and packed with energy.
  • Pistachios- Pistachios have a great combination of fiber, protein and monosaturated fat thats tasty and adds a great flavour to your tastebuds.
  • Fruit Smoothies- Prepare protein rich, fiber rich fruit smoothies that will instantly give power and energy to your kids.
  • Apples- Fiber rich apples are disease fighting powerhouses. Add apples in milk, smoothies, or juice or simply devour an apple. Its the best fruit. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
  • Yogurt- Yogurt has high concentration of potassium, calcium and vitamin D. They also aid digestion.
  • Cheese- Say cheese. Cheese is a great source of protein. So go cheesy in kids' sandwiches and toasts. Or simply offer cheese slice to them.
  • Go berry- All kinds of berries are high source of energy and fiber.
  • Fish- Fish definitely adds its midas touch of omega-3. So try to add fish in kid's diet.
Enjoy parenting and have a great time!!!!

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