Saturday, 11 July 2015

Role play is an important tool to teach toddlers

Hi friends! Lets talk today of importance of role play in teaching toddlers. Remember all kids love to enact and pretend to be a bumble bee, a dinosaur or even a teacher. They love to copy someone's actions and behaviour. So hy, not encourage and make them learn new things in the most easiest way possible.

  • Role play, stage play or simple act can explain tough concepts of stories, fairy tales easily to children. My daughter understood why Ganpati is elephant headed, because of her school's annual day play on Lord Ganesha.
  • Innovative and creative ideas improve a child's power of imagination and helps him nurture his developmental skills.
  • So, as parents allow your kids to do role play at home too, as teachers, mother or anything they would like to be.
  • Fancy dress, costume party or for that matter even poems help kids to get into the character of the particular animal/bird or even a personality that they are trying to portray. 
  • Now, with action, the kids also need to memorise few lines of description. That really improves their memory power, confidence and orientation skills.
  • Just boring studies is not only a method to study. Encourage your children to participate in extra curricular activities at preschool/primary and secondary schools to keep them interested in varieties of things.
  • Today's genx need to gear up fast to face the world.So get set and roll.

Enjoy parenting and have a great time!!!

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