Monday, 20 July 2015

How to divert a hyperactive toddler and keep her engaging

Hi friends! Thanks for liking my articles and recipes. Today we will talk of ways and means by which we can divert a hyperactive toddlers. Remember that kids who are hyperactive and mischievious, they have too much energy in stored in them. So you as parents, try your best to utilize their energies in the right manner.

  • Often hyperactive toddlers want to play or learn new things. You can ask them to do role play of their teachers at home and teach.
  • You can engage them in innovate kitchen cooking as well. Chop cucumber, tomatoes, corn, lettuce and ask them to prepare a salad. You can act as the chef's assistant and add salt, pepper and lime. 
  • Kids love to play supermarket with their parents. So get their stuff aligned and pretend to be their customer.
  • Dont encourage watching TV/ laptops or playing video games to keep them engaged. Its not good for their eyes and brains.
  • You can take your kids to grocery shopping and engage them. Children love to explore supermarket counters and feel delighted to see so many things under one roof.
  • I always, like to invest my money and time in getting good knowledgable books online. You can get lovely activity books for preschool toddlers., Amazon,, have great collection of books. Colorful, tempting activity books will brighten your kid's IQ and aptitude. 
  • If your child isnt interested to study, then take him for some regular outings, parks for some fun time.
Enjoy parenting and have a great time!!!!

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