Sunday, 24 May 2015


Hi friends. Its too tough to please our little prince and princesses. So why not treat them to lovely smiley sandwich and make them feel happy.

How to make potato Smiley's
Its simple and easy
4 medium size Potatoes
Salt to taste 

Boil potatoes well. Cool it and mash it well. Add 3 tsp of cornflour and salt to taste. You can even mix cheese as well but then adjust cornflour accordingly. Make a dough. Make small balls, pat it and give shape of smiley, eyes with pencil and smile with tip of knife.  Keep it in fridge for at least 30 mins.  Then deep fry it. Your smiley is ready.

Now take wheat bread, toast it well keep aside. Make a separate filling for sandwich by cooking onions and tomatoes and mixing all dry masalas like chilli powder, coriander powder n salt. Apply butter on slice of bread, then add the filling, Smiley's and cheese slice. Your sandwich is ready to serve. You can also add lettuce, and mayonise.

Enjoy parenting n have a great time.

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