Monday, 4 May 2015


Hi friends! Today we will talk of an important sensitive topic of loving your child and not hitting or spanking him. We as parents are disciplinarians at every step of the child's growth. But, hitting your toddler is not a solution.

  • Hitting children in a way teaches children to be hitters themselves. If mommy and daddy hits, even I can hit my younger sister/brother or my friends.
  • A child is simply trying to explore and develop through time. If time and again he gets scolded or hit by his parents, he misses to receive his parent's positive undivided attention.
  • If you punish your child, he fails to understand how to resolve a conflict or an issue, in an effective humane way.
  • Hitting or spanking distracts your child emotionally. His or her bonding with her parents get disturbed.
  • Children tend to store the anger and emotional stress inside them. They don't understand how to destress themselves that can hamper their emotional development.
  • Love and spread love. They are the angels sent by the Almighty. Respect and cuddle them and teach them good things of life in a creative and imaginative way.
  • Let your children blossom in a delicate manner.

Enjoy Parenting and have a great time!!!!

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