Saturday, 2 May 2015

Sticking Away to glory- Toddlers

   Hi friends! How are you guys doing!!! Hope all is well with you.      Today we will talk of an interesting topic thats STICKERS!!! All kids of all ages LUVV stickers, don't they? 

   You as parent, can encourage them to buy stickers and create   interesting stuff as well...

  • A great passtime is sticking stickers to decorate their cupboard, toyroom or dressing table, writing table with their favourite cartoon characters.
  • You can explore with your child by buying some lovely GK stickers. Try to buy stickers of fruits, vegetables, birds, animals, flowers, flags and create lovely activity sheets along with them. They will love sticking and you can teach them as they play along.
  • You can buy theme based stickers and create games for your toddler and his friends. Google and get great online stickers at your doorstep.,,, are some of the sites that offers lovely stickers online.
  • You can reward your child for his good work with STICKERS.
Enjoy Parenting and have a great time!!!!

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