Sunday, 3 May 2015

Teach Toddlers 5 ways to save money

         Hi friends! Lets talk of an important topic of 5 best ways to teach toddlers to save money. We all know saving of money is essential throughout our lives, but the seeds of savings need to sown in early childhood itself. Children learn faster to adapt  than adults. So better be early than late.

  1. Don't always buy new things for your toddlers on their demand. Get a lovely looking piggy bank, or cartoon saving box to attract your child. I have got a lovely Doremon piggy bank for my daughter. 
  2. Teach them that you need to save money in the bank to get things that you desire. Once the piggy bank is full, we will go for shopping together and buy you, your favourite teddy bear or toy.
  3. Always, set an example. Children love to ape the elders. You simply show your saving box or jar, and help them learn the art of saving.
  4. Allow your child to go creative with his piggy bank. Let him decorate his bank as he or she wants it.
  5. You can teach the older kids to maintain a dairy of his wish list.  You can even teach him the basics of banking so that he gets equipped in the art of saving.There will be instances when your child may take your purse and insist to give her the money to put in the bank. Trust me if you agree, you can see the angelic smile on her face. It

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