Monday, 17 August 2015

How to get rid of your child's habit of sucking thumb

Hi friends. I am very sorry I couldnt write to you guys. I was a bit unwell the entire last week. Today we will talk of an interesting topic as to how to get rid of your child's habit of sucking thumb.

I know, its a bit embarrassing when elder toddlers aged more than 5 years have a habit of sucking thumb. See parents, you need not worry so much if the toddlers aged between 1 and 5 are having this problem. Dont worry, time is the biggest healer and it will get forgotten.

Lets jott down some of the important points that as parents we should know.

  • Firstly, dont scold your child in front of others due to their sucking thumb habit.

  • Try to find out the reason for sucking thumb. Is it sheer pleasure, or comfort, or relaxation that generally make kids drawn towards this habit? Also, some kids suck the thumb to relieve themselves from stress and fear.
  • As parents, its our moral responsibility to give them secure environment to feel comfortable and happy.
  • Try to create games and gifts revolving the sucking thumb habit. Whenever your child doesnt suck his thumb, pamper him with small gifts. Let your child himself mark the days when he has not sucked his thumb.
  • Some kids, suck their thumb to go to sleep. Try to switch gears, and change the pattern of sleep. Teach him interesting stories during bed time and ensure that he falls asleep without sucking his thumb. Initially it might be difficult but with growing time, things will turn out better.
  • Develop friendhip with your children so that they can concide in you for whatever problems they face, in school, classes, or friends.
Enjoy parenting and have a great time!!!

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