Monday, 28 September 2015

Multitasking an important weapon for all mothers

Hi friends!  Its been a very long time since I chatted with you guys. Today lets discuss how multitasking is an important weapon for all the mothers across the world. Is true mother is the messenger of God.. She somehow has to manage home, children, work, relations, and culture. 

How to achieve the impossible of managing too many tasks by all the mothers?

  • Preplanning and management of time is crucial for multitasking. Without them you cannot manage to achieve the goal.
  • Always prioritise your functions of work. You are not a superwoman to do 100 things at a given time frame. So set your priorties and keep the remaining for the next time.
  • Giving time to children and spouse is equally important. So dont neglect them at all. They are your family and even stress busters. So maintain good relations with them.
  • Identify your agenda of work in advance.Dont keep it for last minute then you cannot plan and execute.
  • Relaxation is equally important. You are not a set machine, but a human being so in between breaks or short naps is equally important.
  • While doing so much work, we mothers, tend to forget ourself. We forget to take care of ourself, dont do that taking care of oneself is also of utmost importance.
  • Watch a movie, or a nice program with your family or go for picnics and outings whenever you can. It will not only destress you but also help you connect better with your spouse and children.
Happy parenting and have a good time!!!!

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