Thursday, 15 September 2016

How to educate children at home?

Hi all,

How are you folks. Its been long since I wrote in this blog. Today I am going to talk about how should parents educate children at home. I am really surprised these days when I see young parents, sending their 3 to 4 yr old children for tuitions, phonic class etc. We should take efforts to spend time with our kids and devote time to them. Tuition should be a strict no-no for kids so tender aged.

Generally, parents complaint that kids dont sit with them to study. But I wonder, why? In fact, children like to spend most of the time with their mother and father. There is a need of discipline to be set with our kids. There is no need of extra stress to be put on them at all. School education is more than enough.

Actually, Its always better if parents, teach new things to their kids. Try doing activities with them. Do drawing, coloring, play with alphabets, numbers and various things. No need to have strict desk work. Just ensure, kids love doing whatever you are teaching. Soon, they will listen to you and even finish their homework, writing too.

Its a matter of habit to be inculcated from young. Try reading out to them various books. Soon they will like to read too. Its all a matter of time and practise.

Keep it very simple and dont confuse your kids. Try to ape what method teachers are following in school.

Education can be taught in various ways. Kids develop overall better if we give our best to them.

Happy parenting and have a great time!!!!

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