Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Toddlers Likes and Dislikes

Hi friends! It’s certainly a fun time talking and spending time with your children. Today, we will discuss on an interesting topic on Toddlers Likes and Dislikes. Toddlers are at an age group where they are discovering their world around them in a more concrete way. Slowly they start form strong preferences and start throwing their opinion as and whenever they can.

·        Remember as parents, you have to stay calm and patient with your toddlers’ behavior.

·        Toddlers generally show strong likes and dislikes especially with clothing and food. Try to be positive towards your child. Even if your tot is throwing a tantrum, try to rephrase the situation in a positive manner and explain the after effects. Eg. If your child is insisting to wear party dress at home, say that the dress is extremely pretty and lovely, but if you wear at home it may not look the same as it should. Don’t directly say that you are not supposed to wear party dresses at home. Try to reason out, your tots will understand better, or build a story around her favourite cartoon character to explain.

·        There are times when children throw out a statement like “I hate you”. They are expressing a strong dislike. Children perceive that you have power to change the situation or environment and direct their frustration at you. Hate is an extreme form of dislike. Always step back and try to understand the hidden meaning behind the statement. Defuse negativity by rephrasing the sentence. I know you’re upset, but I love you. I know you are angry with me. Can you tell me what you want?”

·        Parents are role models and perfect guides of their children. Try to acknowledge your child’s preferences and make them always feel loved. Most of the times, its either due to negligence or fear, kids start throwing tantrums. Try to be a twilight and a guiding star in your children’s life. I know it isn’t easy to be calm and cool all the time. So, disperse when you are running high on emotions and stay alone. Talk to your child only when you are in control of yourself.

Enjoy parenting and have a gala time with your children!!!

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