Saturday, 25 April 2015

Teach Phonics at Home to your toddlers

Hi friends! Off late I have been rather busy in making my 3.5 year old daughter adjust into her new big school. Sorry for the delay in writing a new post. Today, let’s talk of an interesting topic on how we can teach phonics at home. Always you might find, teachers emphasizing on undertstanding phonics correctly. Lets see how we as parents can help our angels and jamesbond get a hang of phonics.
·        Start early. Get your child into the habit of reading. Read out stories, newspapers and books to your kid everyday. Language slowly starts to get into their body system unconsciously.
·        Introduce sound of letters one at a time.  The 44 sounds are usually taught in this order:
·        s a t p i n
·        m d g o c k/ck
·        e u r h b f
·        l j v w x y
·        z qu ch sh th ng
·        ai ee igh/ie oa oo (short) oo (long)
·        ar or ur/er ow/ou oi
·        air ear ure
·        Once your child has understood the difference of each letter sound, encourage him to blend the sounds of letters together to say words.
·        You can even teach oral segmentation, that’s breaking the word into letters and teaching the sound of each letter separately.
·        As we all know practice makes a man perfect. Remember you as a parent is an important stepping stone in making kids learn the language better.

·        Online lot of books are available on phonics at,

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