Sunday, 19 April 2015

How to Keep Kids Hydrated in Summers

Hi friends!!! Hope all is going great guns for you all. Lets today discuss an essential topic of how to keep our children stay hydrated in the torrid summer season. Children are more often prone to dehydration as opposed to adults.

·        Make your kids drink water at regular intervals.

·        Keep offering plenty of liquids, at every meal and during snacks.

·   It’s always better to avoid processed juices, and offer home-made juices, milkshakes and beverages to kids. Avoid giving aerated drinks to children or too much sugary juices.

·       Don't wait until your child is thirsty to offer refreshment; by that time he is already dehydrated.

·       Sports drinks might be your best bet for getting adequate amounts of liquids into your child during activities.

·        When choosing drinks for kids, avoid those that have caffeine, such as iced tea or many sodas.

·     Popsicles are frozen treats that are tasty, colorful and high in water content. You can offer popsicles to your kids to beat the heat.

·     Many fruits are excellent sources of water as well as being a nutritious snack. Offer fruits often during playtime and throw them in the cooler for after-game snacks.

·        Green vegetables, clear soups, offer an ideal way to get liquid into the diet along with good nutrition.

Enjoy parenting and have a great time!!!!

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