Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Potty trained YES or NO

Hi friends ! Today we will talk of an important topic on potty training of toddlers. We as parents might have taught our young ones to use the toilet, but still there are times when the kiddos regress and avoid using the loo.

Lets discuss  the steps that can be taken to help our child use  the potty seat.

·        Toddlers are very moody and there are times when they want to leave their play area to use the toilet. There are other times when you are either travelling or have visited a new place, so the young one looks least interested to explore and do potty. The next backward step that the toddler feels safe and happy is the DIAPERS.

·        Now, you as a mother feels guilty, and sad about the entire reverse process. Remember mothers are always meant to be on toes. First think whether your child was actually potty trained or not?

·        Why is your little one avoiding the loo? Is it due to hard stools, or constipation or some other fear? Find out, talk to your child.

·        You have to make efforts to restart the entire process. But remember, your child will throw tantrums and might act stubborn.

·        You can try using different colourful potty seats or can use different game method or rewards to get your child back to the loo.

·        Visit a health expert or pediatrician and discuss about your child’s issues.

·        Don’t worry too much. Things will become better in coming days. Your child will not use diapers forever.

Best wishes and enjoy parenting as always!!!!

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