Saturday, 11 April 2015

Back to School…. Get set and Go…

Hi friends! How are you? I am in a roller coaster ride. My daughter is heading to the big school from tomorrow. So have hundred things in my mind, a bit anxious and nervous. 

Today let’s talk of how to create interesting lunch boxes.
My daughter is a slow-eater, and fussy with what she eats. So how do I make it interesting? Few tips

·        Try to create colors in their tiffin box. Great mismatch use of veggies and fruits can be of great help.
·        Don’t pack stuff that turns soggy or too dry.
·        Keep food simple and ready to eat.
·        Remember, younger toddlers are not well equipped to eat on their own, so try cutting flat bread or bread pieces into small pieces. You can even use cookie cutters or various moulds to make them attractive and tempting.
·        Always remember to include your child in choosing the menu for her Tiffin box. She is the one who is going to have the food, so why not make her the cool chef supervisor.
·        Try to showcase different Tiffin boxes and let your child choose the final lunch box for herself.
·        Favorite cartoon character lunchbox would be really appealing
·        Let your child choose her water bottle.
·        Including your child in the selection process, will work for both of you

Guys, wish me and my daughter good luck. Need your love and support. Till then yes, ofcourse, enjoy parenting and have a hearty time!!!!

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