Thursday, 19 March 2015

Why do kids fall ill frequently?

Hello friends! Today we will shed light on an important topic, why do kids fall ill regularly? As a parent, it turns out to be very annoying, frustrating and tiring to see our little ones fall sick. I know, you try your best to protect them and keep them safe but yet they succumb to illness. Reports suggest that kids under 5 years of age get easily infected with viral infections. Stay calm and be patient, your child will grow and develop his own immune system.

Let’s look at things that will help to boost your child’s immunity.
·        To prevent infections being transmitted in this way, it’s important that the children and the child care professionals looking after them teach them healthy habits. Encourage them to wash their hands regularly. 
·        Try to avoid allowing your children play with his friends who are ill. Infact emphasize in schools, daycare to avoid kids who are sick or suffering from contagious diseases. As a parent you can simply try, but there are circumstances when you seem helpless.
·        Try not sending your child to daycare or schools, when he is down with illness.
·        Infections even spread through faecal oral transmission. Keep educating and setting up stringent rules of bathroom etiquettes and cleanliness at home.
·        Give plenty of fluids, fruits when your child is ill.
·        Giving medicines to your child can really drive you crazy. Often mention about your child’s favourite place or things that he or she enjoys while giving medicine.
·        Its really tough to manage kids of age between 1 to 5 but sooner than later, they will become big, tall and packed with immunity with time.

Enjoy parenting and have a great time!!!!

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