Tuesday, 10 March 2015

School tots and its worries

Hello friends! Today we will talk of an interesting topic on School going tots and its worries. It’s often an anxious time for you as parents as well as your lovely children to take the biggest leap of going to school. Getting adjusted to a small playgroup class is less difficult than going to a big school. So let’s list down the things that will help us to resolve fear and anxiousness like never before.
·        Its always important to calm yourself down. Don’t worry too much, kids will adjust themselves naturally.
·        Always encourage and talk about the big school that your child will start going on. Positive talks and information will help your child build his imagination and feel excited.
·        As a parent, its your duty to get all the school going stuff in place before hand. Uniform, bag, water bottle, shoes, socks, books and everything that is important. Remember shopping for these things will create a  very positive impact on your child.
·        Talk to your child’s teachers and understand the set up and try to shed your worries and fears as well.
·        Every kid goes to school. So stay calm.
·        Always try to talk and understand about your child’s likes and dislikes in food. As school timings are tedious, you must ensure that you send foods that are healthy and to his likings.
·        Explore creativity and feed your child.
·        Don’t underestimate your child’s fears, try to talk and resolve them.

Enjoy parenting and have a great time!!!

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