Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Myths about Brushing Baby’s Teeth

Hello friends! Today we are going to talk of an interesting topic on Myths about Baby’s Teeth. There are a lot of misconceptions and myths about baby’s milky teeths. Let’s try to resolve them and relook at oral hygiene in babies with a more delicate approach. Establishing good oral hygiene at an early age can help enforce proper dental care for the future.
·        Many parents mistakenly believe that baby teeth are less important than permanent teeth because they are just going to “fall out anyway”. But baby teeth serve a very important purpose as place-holders in growing mouths during early years of development.
·        Cavities in baby tooth does not matter. Cavities can cause pain or discomfort for children and even abscess if left untreated.  Further, cavities harbor bacteria that can spread through the bloodstream and effect your child’s overall health.
·        There is no need to brush baby teeth- You as a parent need to take careof your lovely baby’s sparkling teeth. Lesson taught today will stay with your child forever.

Here are few important steps that will help you totake care of your baby’s teeths.

·        Start an oral hygiene routine even before eruptions of teeth begin. Clean gums with a soft wet gauze pad that has been wrapped around your finger. Gently wipe the gums with the gauze to help remove bacteria and clean the gums.
·        If molars have appeared it is definitely time to swap the gauze for a toothbrush. Look for a very soft bristle brush with 3 or less rows of bristles. You can also use mothercare finger toothbrush that you can gently insert in your finger and brush your baby teeth only with warm water. No need of using a toothpaste.
·        Doing brushing daily will incorporate a routine with your child.
·        Once baby is 2 years old, you can use a proper soft toothbrush. Always look out for cartoon toothbrushes that are colorful and makes the entire brushing routine a fun loving routine. You can add a pea size kid’s toothpaste now.
·        Baby might not know to spit the water out. So encourage baby to drink water after brushing. Slowly he will learn the art of spitting water in due course of time.
·        Educate your child about teeth monsters and the various bad effects if the teeth are not kept clean.
·        You can goggle various fancy online baby products and get the oral hygiene head started sooner than later. Mothercare, MeeMee, Morisons baby dreams, Pigeon, Biotene, Baby Orajel, Chicco, Grins and Giggles and many other brands offering top products.

Enjoy parenting and have a great time!!!!

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