Wednesday, 18 March 2015

How to resolve kids' boredom?

Hello friends, today we will talk of an important topic on Kids’ boredom. We often find that children tend to get bored if they are caught up doing same mundane activities everyday. It happens more when school vacation is on.

How do we resolve kids’ boredom
·        Don’t get too stressed about kids’ boredom. Know that your kids will get bored. It’s part of growing up. As their brains go through changes, children go through periods when they are able to easily find things to do and times when they aren’t.
·        Avoid immediately fixing your child’s boredom. The child himself or herself will find a way to do a worthwhile act.
·        You can definitely offer your helping hand in the process.
·        Introduce new concepts and ideas. You can give a freehand to your child by lending  kitchen’s plastic containers, spatulas and other interesting stuff.
·        You can create activities with your child like making paper flowers, handicrafts or teach simple gardening.
·        Try to utilize children’s  free time by engaging them in interactive summercamps, hobby classes, or drawing sessions.
·        Creative mind will never get bored. So go and explore with your child.
·        You can even arrange a casual lunch or dinner for your kid’s friends. I know it will take plenty of time, but remember that your kid will cherish these moments for a lifetime.
·        Nowadays toy library concept is really picking up. Enroll your child into a toy library. You can introduce new interesting books as well.
·        Daily chores of grocery shopping can turn interesting, if you ask your child to help you. You can teach the concept of supermarket and its important dos and don’t’s.
·        What really gets your toddler or teenager excited? Sports? Music? Art? Mechanics? Fashion design? Encourage their passions.

Enjoy parenting and have a great gala time!!!

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