Thursday, 12 March 2015

How to improve Kids’ brainpower

Hello friends! Today we are going to talk on an interesting topic on how to improve Kid’s attention span and concentration. We are all are tied in a super- competitive world, and as a parent its our moral duty to help our kids deliver better at school academics, sports or any other activities. Be it study, games or daily tasks, everything requires certain amount of concentration and skill. Lets try to pen down few steps that will help our little angels and superman to perform at optimum level.
·        Food is very important fuel for the body. But what we find often is that kids get more inclined towards junk or processed foods. Opt for whole grains like brown cereals, wheat bran, wheat bread for the entire family. Eat fish, iron rich foods, broccoli, walnuts, blueberries, almonds are some of the super foods that help in ideal brain development and increases concentration.
·        Always try to be creative. Kids normally get bored very fast. They need entertainment round the clock. Daily school activities can be done without much fuss and emotions. Try to create situations, stories and build an activity around the homework always.
·        If you set a pattern everyday, kids tends to relate easily. Try to emphasize on writing practice and reading sessions that’s vital for growth of your child.
·        You can also introduce concept of surprise toys or gifts, if your kid improves immensely in his concentration and skills. Kids love to get pampered. Infact all love to get pampered, don’t we? So, little bit of encouragement and appreciation will take you and your kid a long way.
·        Maintain healthy environment at home, away from tensions and stress.
·        Enhance physical outdoor activities for your kids. It will build reflexes as well as physical strength in them.
·        Video games, TV and computer aren’t an ideal way of wailing away the time.
·        Indoor games like chess, scrabbles, and puzzles, blocks expose your child’s brain and improves his problem solving skills.
·        See everyone cannot become Einstein. Nor should you expect or compare your kid with others. Every child is god gifted. Don’t put unnecessary stress on children. Give enough space and freedom to them.
·        Set attainable goals with your children. Sooner than later, children learn to bloom in sunshine and create a mark for themselves.

Enjoy parenting and have a great time!!!!

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