Friday, 6 March 2015

Toddler behaviour

Hello friends! Lets head start our day with a new topic on Toddler behavior. We all know that it’s really tough to keep meeting new challenges as parents of young, vibrant and overenthusiastic toddlers. Let’s try to pen down some of the few points that will help us get going and creating a blissful affair with our children.
Toddlers right from age 1 to 3 are exploring their world every day. In order to keep pace with the environment, they might tend to show tantrums to get their way. Its sometimes embarrassing to deal with their emotional outburst, especially when you are out with your child.

Here are a few healthy tips that can work around with your child.

·        Be calm and patient. Don’t get over stressed. It will frustrate your child further.
·        Try to understand the problem. Usually kids try to throw tantrums when they are especially tired, hungry or irritated. Try to sweet talk with your child and make her realize as to why she is worried or fussy over something.

·        There will be times when the kid is acting funny to get his way done, either to get hold of chocolates, candies or ice creams. Giving in to all his or her needs will give a wrong signal to your child. Go steady and if you feel by giving one chocolate to your child will calm down, then it’s worth budging in. But if it’s an unwarranted demand, try to divert his attention.
·        Always carry some surprise items/toys along when you are travelling. A cartoon pencil, picture books or soft toys that is not expensive but new. The surprise factor will always work for you. The child will hold back his emotions and behave.
·        Always set in dos and don’t’s with his her behavior.
·        Always be friendly and loving with your child. They only need your special care and attention.

Enjoy Parenting and have a great time!!!

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