Monday, 16 March 2015

Toddlers and Repetition of words

Hello friends! Lets gear up today, to talk of an interesting topic on Toddlers and repetition of words. It definitely will remind you of your naughty tot trying to keep repetition an incident, event or simply a funny statement to ain your attention!!! Isn’t it?

Remember toddlers are learning, exploring new things everyday. So, if any event takes place that’s either sad, or funny she will try to repeat the whole thing again and again. Say, for example, you went to the supermarket earlier that day, purchased a ball for him, she dropped it in the parking lot, and lost it. In order to make sense of and process what happened, she might repeat that scenario several times aloud, saying something like “I’m sad. I lost my lovely yellow ball  in the parking lot today.” As a parent, it’s important to remember that our children are works in progress and this is just one way they process things. Help him through it, not just by giving a yes or no answer, but by saying something like “It‘s ok to be sad. You were bouncing your ball, and it rolled away too fast for you to catch it. You have some other toys that we can play with right now.” Helping him work it out will help shorten the life of the story being repeated.

Sometimes kids love repeating themselves as they gained your attention. Try to reason things out  with your child and explain that when she said the story it was funny but repeating it again and again is tiresome. Or simply divert her attention.

Kids always try to imitate you. Sometimes they will try to speak and punish you if you did a mistake unknowinly. Be a sport and allow your child to boss over you. Its fun!!!

Evolve and learn with your toddler. Enjoy parenting and have a great time!!!!

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