Sunday, 15 February 2015

When to send your child to playgroup???

Hi friends! Hope you are doing very well, learning new art of parenting every day. Today, we will talk of an interesting topic on whether or not to send child to a play group. While there is a hot debate in India, regarding the government new resolution to raise the age limit to nursery and having uniform age during admissions, still as a parent let’s today understand the advantages of playgroup.

While there are many schools that take kids as early as 1.5 years old in playgroup, I would suggest please don’t send children at this tender age to school. They won’t understand or enjoy the socializing at school. They need your protective environment. Once the kid reaches the milestone of 2 years old, you can definitely think of sending your child to playgroup.

Advantages of Playgroup
·        This is first step of your child to survive without you being around at school. Although, initially it would be an emotional drain for you as well as your child, but steadily the child will understand and learn to do without you.
·        This is a valuable learning experience for your child to learn adjusting himself into a new environment and learn new things everyday.
·        At a playgroup or nursery school your child will have a much wider variety of play equipment than you can provide at home. She will have to learn how to share toys and take turns which is all character building.
·        As well as increasing your child’s independence and confidence and having the companionship of other children and learning to play properly with others, your child will have the chance to make relationships with other adults. This will help her learn that other people as well as her parents can be trusted and liked.
·        This will help mothers to get some quality time for themselves.
·        Child learns to open up and improve upon his communication skills at playgroup.
·        Exposure to school will help your child to get trained using the loo for urine and potty
·        Friendly atmosphere starts building into the child’s system and slowly he starts getting adjusting to his new found environment.

·        Parents of nuclear family fail to inculcate social skills in their children. Playgroup helps to bridge the gap and help in overall development of your child.

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