Monday, 2 February 2015

Baby diaper change

How should you prepare?
Wash your hands and dry them thoroughly. You can also clean your hands with a hand gel or baby wipe.

Set up a warm, clean area in which to change your baby. If you're not using a changing table, consider laying a blanket, towel or changing mat on the bed or the floor.

If you change your baby's nappy on an elevated surface, keep one hand on your baby at all times. Whether your bay is strapped in or not, don't leave him unattended for even a second. Babies of any age can wriggle off unexpectedly.

Gather everything you need together

·         A clean disposable nappy.
·         Cloth wipes, washcloths, or disposable wipes for cleaning your baby. Dampen the cloth or washcloth with warm water, or a homemade solution of warm water and a little unperfumed soap.
·         A dry wipe or washcloth, to dry your baby's bottom if you're not able to let your baby air-dry.
·         If your baby is prone to nappy rash, keep rash cream to hand.
·         A plastic bag (nappy sack) in which to put the dirty nappy, if required.

How do I put a new disposable nappy on my baby?
·        Open up a new, clean nappy and place the back half (with tabs on either side) under your baby. The top of the back half should come up to your baby's waist.
·        Pull the front half of the clean nappy up to your baby's tummy. If your baby is a boy, point his penis down so he's less likely to wee over the top of the nappy.
·        Make sure that the part of the nappy between your baby's legs is spread as wide as seems comfortable. Too much bunching in that area can cause chafing and discomfort.
·        Fasten the nappy on both sides with the tabs. The nappy should be snug, but not so tight that it pinches. Make sure the tabs aren't sticking to your baby's skin.

Now it’s all done. Enjoy parenting and have a great time folks!!!

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