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Weaning food recipes for babies

Today, we will talk of an interesting topic on weaning food recipes for babies. But, before that let’s first try to understand the difference between gagging and choking.

Gagging is noisy. Scary, but the best thing you can do is watch carefully, encourage your child not to panic, and to simply gag the offending food back up - and give smaller/smoother food next time. It's a learning experience for her and you. Choking, on the other hand, is when the airway is *completely* blocked. It's silent, and a choking person may well lose consciousness. This is an emergency. Take home message: if your child is still making noise, it's the time to stay calm and teach, not the time to call an ambulance.

Keep in mind that just 'cause a child's teeth haven't broken through yet, doesn't mean they're not there. If you doubt it, stick your finger in there. If and when your child chomps down on it, you'll know the teeth are there! They're just below the gum surface, and can be used to chew.  Every baby develops on their own timetable.  Always start with smoother solids to babies. It’s only once they start getting settled, you can introduce coarse solids in due course of time. Don’t be in a hurry, things will all fall in place. Every baby’s development skills are different than the others, so go with the flow. Don’t keep comparing milestones of one baby with the other. My daughter took time to start eating rice and dal, unlike others.

Recipes - weaning food that can be prepared at home.
1)  Sago Kanji
Roasted Bengal gram-25g
Jaggery-25 g
Water (cups)- 2

Roast sago and powder Bengal gram. Add sago to 11/2 cups of boiling water and cook. Prepare a batter of Bengal gram powder in ½ cup of water and pour it into the cooked sago, stirring continuously. Cook for 10 minutes. Add jiggery and cook for five minutes again.

2)  Porridge of wheat dalia
Wheat dalia- 50g

Method- Roast wheat dalia and add to the boiling water, cook until it is soft, then add sugar and boiled milk.

3)  Bajra Infant Food
Green Gram dal-3 teaspoons
Ground nuts-2 teaspoons
Til seeds-1 teaspoon
Sugar or salt to taste

Method-Clean and dehusk bajra roast ad powder bajra, dal, ground nut and til seeds. Mix, all the powders together with skim milk powder and store in an air tight container. Whenever required mix the powder with boiling water or milk to desired thickness. Add salt or sugar.

4)  Rice Kheer
Rice- 50g

Method- Clean, pick and wash rice. Boil milk add rice and cook till semi-solid. Add sugar.

5)  Porridge of ragi (red millets)
Clean ragi and soak in clean water for 4-5 hrs. Tie it in clean cloth for 24 hours. Dry it in hot sun for 4-6 hrs. Roast and powder it and store it in air-tight container. Whenever required, take 1 tsp of podwer and 11/2 cupof water and cook till it becomes soft. Add milk to get desired thickness and add sugar for taste.

6)  Khichdi of rice, dal and vegetables
Dal (lentil)- 25g
Vegetables small pieces as desired
Oil- 3 tsp
Salt to taste

Method- Clean and wash rice and lentil separately and cut vegetables small. To boiling water add a piece of onion, ginger, bay leaf, cardamom and rice and cook until half cooked. Then add lentil and vegetables and add salt, cook until soft. You can even pressure cook and make khichdi.

7)  Rice Kanjee
Rice- 100g
Water- 400 to 500 m
Salt- 1.5 to 2 gm
Method- Clean and pick and wash rice. Add rice to water and cook till soft, adding salt.

8)  Rava Kanjee
Milk-250 ml
Water-1/2 cup

Method- Roast rava and keep it aside. You can even roast it in 1 tsp of ghee. Then add water and cook it a bit. Then pour milk and allow it to cook. Once cooked, add sugar as desired. You can add elaichi (cardamom) powder to give a great flavor.

Enjoy parenting and have a great time!!!!

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