Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Weaning your baby

1.  A child should be offered food at routine meal times along with other family members. This has several advantages. Children learn to eat food by imitation. Hence eating with family promotes learning process. Mealtime provides an opportunity to strengthen family bonds and provides necessary emotional experience for the child.
2.  Keep the TV set off during meals
3.  Offer food preferably at a fixed place.
4.  Do not force feed.
5.  Before feeding, wash your hands.
6.  If the baby refuses the complementary food, do not get disheartened. Just relax for one week and restart from the next week.
7.  Add one new item at a time during a week or 10 days till baby develops the taste. Do not confuse the baby with too many new items at a time.
8.  Do not make any special food for the baby as far as possible. Choose items from the family food. If the family food happens to be very spicy, then less spicy foods should be separately cooked for the baby.
9.  Homemade food is best for your baby. Avoid tinned food.

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