Monday, 23 February 2015

How to entertain your babies and stimulate his reflexes????

Hi friends!!! Hope you are all doing well and spending really quality time with your wonderful children. Today, we will talk of an interesting topic, of how to entertain your babies. They are small little wonders of your house, and yes, if you keep talking, interacting with them it will improve their reflexes.

Birth to 3 months, baby is developing his sensory organs. So he will simply observe you and the things around but not reciprocate. But, slowly after 3 months he will start to grab things and work on his movements. Now, this is the time you start enjoying with your baby. Dance and dance with your child. Dance will help you to relax and even lose weight in a fun manner. Silly exaggerated movements like jazz hands or shaking your butt are particularly funny to babies. You can try doing waltz in a soft manner with your angel or simply, sway her with the music. Slowly your baby will start enjoying dancing with you.

Dig into your closet and show your baby your cashmere sweater, your cottony-soft favorite jeans, your brilliant plaid skirt. Run soft or silky fabrics over his face, hands, and feet. Lay fuzzy stuff down on the floor and put your baby on top of it. In a few months, your baby will want to run his hands over anything beaded, embroidered, or otherwise embellished. But for now, he may just be content to gaze in wonder. You can try using your vocals and sing to glory. You may have a terrible voice — but your kid doesn't know it! Now's the time to sing at volume 10, so set free that opera voice inside you. Singing nursery rhymes with actions will be a lot of fun for your baby.
Try singing a song in a low growly voice and then in a high squeaky voice, to see which gets the most reaction. Try singing the song breathily into your baby's ear, or use a hand puppet (or a napkin or sock willing to play the part of a hand puppet). And get used to singing, because this could begin to eat up a significant portion of your day.
Play Peekaboo with your baby. An infant version of hide and seek. In the game, you hide your face either in a small blanket or behind a curtain, or simply cover your face and pop back into the baby's view and says-to the baby's amusement-Peekaboo! I see you! Baby will turn ecstatic to see you return back. Turning the anxiety of separation into a game of joy is a form of mastery. In other words, instead of the baby crying when parent leaves the room, the baby is now laughing because despite his fears, the adult has reappeared. Peek-a-boo if played over and over again turns to be quite comforting and entertaining.

Enjoy parenting and have a great time!!!

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