Saturday, 28 February 2015

Vaccination anxiety

Hello friends! How are you all doing? Hope all is well with you and family. Today we will talk of an interesting topic on vaccination anxiety. Vaccination anxiety is not uncommon - both for you as the parent and for your child who is being vaccinated.

Always remember that the emotions you show can affect your child's mood and temperament. If you get angry, they respond by getting upset. If you talk soothingly when they are upset, they respond by calming down. This means that if you are displaying vaccine anxiety, you might be making them anxious as well.

In order to reduce your child's anxiety about being vaccinated, the first step is to reduce your own vaccine anxiety. Dispelling the myths causing your vaccine anxiety should help you, and in turn your child, become more comfortable with vaccines. Doing your vaccine homework will also educate you about the fact that you have to stick to your child's vaccination schedule to become fully protected. To work their best, vaccines need to be given at the proper time.

For a child of any age, it is important that you be relaxed when they are being vaccinated. Remember, your emotions can affect your child's emotions and comfort level. Ask your health care professional about whether you should give your child acetaminophen to reduce the pain of vaccination and, if so, what dose to use. For babies it is best that you also cuddle them during the vaccination so they feel safe. Attempt to distract them during the immunization. Use your voice in a soothing tone or use a favourite toy.  Reward and praise them for being so good in the health care professional's office during their scheduled vaccination. Take your child somewhere special afterwards to have some fun together so they remember the positives better than the negatives.

Enjoy parenting and have a great time!!!

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