Saturday, 24 January 2015

Learn, teach your child in the loving way

In this cut throat world of competition, you as a mother will wonder when should I start teaching my lovely angel or my James bond. Some parents may think that it may not be necessary to teach them before the baby reaches school. But, like I said, every step of life is a teaching process. It's always good to start teaching early. Not, because you want your kid to be a front runner in the rat race, but to make the bond between you and your child to remember forever. Don’t go linear with teaching way. Try to innovate and make learning interesting. Let’s list few steps.
·        The child always learns through your eyes and emotions. Always blabber nursery rhymes, or ABCs, 123s when you are spending quality time with your kid.
·        Read fairy tales or lovely picture books, before you make your child sleepy.
·        Even bathing time can get inventive, if you teach few important basics while you bather your kid. You can also use plastic bath toys and make your kid play with them.
·        You can buy online educational games like aBC flashcards, picture books, 123 book, interesting CDs of nursery rhymes .,, are few sites that you can log in and get good value pack deals at your doorstep.
·        When you are travelling with your kid, you can educate as well.

Surely, in the bargain you will learn as well.  Enjoy parenting and teaching.

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