Sunday, 25 January 2015

Diaper Rash

Sweet little babies have always been wrapped in diapers all throughout the day. Please be kind to their sensitive little skin. Don’t always use diapers. Try to minimize the usage to protect your child’s skin. You can try to use light clothing if its warm and hot in your place. If it’s cold, still you can keep your baby away from diapers till it's absolutely essential.

Always remember with diapers, accompanies diaper rash. What should you do? When your child develops reddishness or a rash, please chuck diapers till it gets healed. Try warming up coconut oil slightly and apply in that area. You can also apply good diaper rash creams like Dr Reddy’s Ezi napi cream, Pfizer’s rashfree cream and if the rash still persists, consult your child’s pediatrician. Remember cotton clothing always heals wounds faster. You can try making your child wear underwear, nappies made of pure cotton. Don’t use any synthetic or satin stuff.

Since babies are small, they urinate frequently. Use long sarees, fold them in half and roll them, and wrap them as it gets wet in a rolling manner. Keep rubber sheet below it. Always try to use natural products for your babies. If you have any doubt, first consult the doctor and then apply to your child.  Use diapers as far as possible during night time. Always keep using Johson’s baby powder on your babies’ soft skin. Use the powder liberally and try to use at least 4 to 5 times in a day. Always remember after your child passes stools, clean it with water and then dry and apply powder. You can also use Johnsons baby skin care wipes. Google and do online shopping to get baby products in best value deals.,,,,

Enjoy parenting and here’s wishing good luck and happiness to you and your babies.

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