Friday, 16 January 2015


Being a mother, is one of the most challenging jobs present in the world. You may falter, or tire yourself out, but you gotta keep going.  There are no casual leaves or vacations in this job profile. It’s a responsibility that keeps increasing with your child’s age. It’s a 24 hours’ work. But, think and ponder, you get lovely returns as well, lots of love, tight huggies, unconditional kisses and nonstop conversations that keep you alive and up for the responsibility. Isn’t it worth the effort? Yes, of course.

Today, we will talk about the most common problem faced by your child, cold and cough.
Its always horrid to see your child sneezing and coughing and not having proper appetite. As a mother what should one do?
·        Give lots of love and comfort to your child
·        Don’t lose your cool, be patient.
·        Keep your child warm.
·        Offer warm liquids like soups and vegetable stews to him/her
·        Ask your child to take enough rest. Be lenient in giving your kid her favourite video game, or ipad, iphones so that they feel happy and relaxed.
·        Along with medications that are prescribed by your pediatrician, you can try home made medicines to give your child some relief. You can make tulsi tea, put 2 leaves of basil leaves and make the tea. It will help clear the congestion. Or you can give honey mixed with warm water or honey with ginger juice.
·        Make home – made food for your kid. Give khichdi, with moong dal and rice. Don’t spice it up. Just add a little hing, jeera salt and moong dal rice . make it a bit watery so that it can easily be eaten.
·        Don’t give any fried or oily stuff.
·        Give lots of fruits to eat. If eating is difficult, then make fresh juices. Avoid citric fruits as it increases soarness in the throat.
·        In the night, before bedtime you can give haldi milk. That’s turmeric powdered milk . boil the milk, add turmeric powder and sugar and let it reduce to half the quantity. Strain and then give it to your kid
·        Don’t give any container food or outside food.
·        Before bedtime, you should apply vicks on your kid’s chest, back and his foot. Make him wear socks and cover himself properly. It works like magic and they get sound sleep without too much cough.

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